Community Kitchens And Dining Spaces In Property Appraisal

Community Kitchens And Dining Spaces In Property Appraisal – Everyone dreams of the extra storage, cooking and dining space that a kitchen island provides, but if you just move it to the center of the room, you’re seriously underutilizing it. These great ideas will help you get the most out of the trend, functionally and formally. Read on for fifty kitchen island ideas to make it more than just another counter for chopping vegetables, folding mail, or rubbing your toes.

This whitewashed wood island with a marble island is a kitchen staple: loaded with tons of cabinets and an extra sink, it can handle a lot. Designer Ellen Cavanaugh has also optimized it with additional side outlets, whether someone is working at the bar and needs a little charging, or is doing prep work and needs to plug in the food processor.

Community Kitchens And Dining Spaces In Property Appraisal

Community Kitchens And Dining Spaces In Property Appraisal

Place a couch or chairs on your island to make a separate dining area feel like it’s in the kitchen, but it’s not

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The kitchen, if you catch our drift. This kitchen and dining room designed by Jean Liu proves that it can be casual, functional enough for cooking and formal enough for dinner.

Community Kitchens And Dining Spaces In Property Appraisal

Food Network star Molly Ye has used years of experience to make her farm kitchen work effortlessly. Notice how there is plenty of open shelving along the wall and kitchen island, perfect for easy access to a large collection of cookbooks.

The cool Caesarstone countertop around the perimeter of this Long Island kitchen by Workshop APD echoes the concrete surfaces around the pool and will withstand whatever the owners’ grandchildren throw at it. Wooden floating shelves extend from the top of the island as well as the sides for additional storage and counter space.

Community Kitchens And Dining Spaces In Property Appraisal

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Designed by Nicole Domaine of Atelier ND, this kitchen features earthy tones contrasted with purple against zellige tiles and Calcutta marble countertops that connect it to the adjoining room. On the island, the rounded edges add a real edge to the clean dining furniture.

Molly Culver decided to line the island with two runners to warm it up and give it a nice frame. It also adds a bit of color contrast, complementing the ash blue painted cabinets, light wood ceiling and island.

Community Kitchens And Dining Spaces In Property Appraisal

The outside of the kitchen island, next to the cupboard that holds a lot of dishes, is an ideal place for the dishwasher. Check out this example from Andy Beers of Ore Studios.

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If you have limited space, give up the traditional island altogether and use a small table. It will provide you with a working and dining space in one. This metal one with an additional leaf is perfect for an industrial kitchen designed by Kathleen McCormick.

Community Kitchens And Dining Spaces In Property Appraisal

Something like a pair of architectural glass-topped drawing tables or a converted art table can serve as an island. It works especially well in eclectic or rustic spaces, like this example in Tom Scherer’s kitchen.

Look closely and you’ll notice that this Lauren Liss-designed kitchen has not one, but two kitchen islands. This is a great option for those with a large space, as it will reduce the scale of the room. Also, it is very useful in busy kitchens. One can be used for everyday meals and homework, and the other can be dedicated to cooking and preparation.

Community Kitchens And Dining Spaces In Property Appraisal

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When choosing a kitchen island, ask yourself what you will actually use it for. If it is just an additional place to store things and a table top, closed cabinets are suitable. But if your home needs a more casual dining space, make sure at least some part of the island is optimized for bar stools and seating so you can eat comfortably. This space from deVOL Kitchens is a good example of a kitchen island that does both, just with a corner cut out.

Leanne Ford is the queen of revamping worn-out items and giving them new life in a stylish setting. example? This rustic kitchen island. If you’re willing to hit the flea markets and thrift, you don’t need to spend a ton on a custom kitchen island. With clean white walls, exposed dishes on floating shelves, new fixtures and lighting, everything looks brand new.

Community Kitchens And Dining Spaces In Property Appraisal

A custom-made kitchen island can be very expensive – not to mention that it may not be suitable for renters. Instead, opt for a desk or bistro table with a slim, rectangular silhouette and a lower shelf that doubles as a kitchen island.

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Light wood tones and a metallic pendant warm up the cool space in this Hecker Guthrie-designed kitchen. A bistro table placed above the island makes the classic kitchen arrangement much more interesting. And it will be even fresher if you paint the bar stools in a fresh mint green shade and hang a copper pendant lamp above your head.

Community Kitchens And Dining Spaces In Property Appraisal

This space from deVOL Kitchens has a strong sense of visual coherence, but there’s also plenty of experimentation here. A pink accent wall and striking pale green ceiling soften the whimsical cabinetry and kitchen island, while the tile pulls everything together.

In this kitchen, designed by Arent & Pyke, the layout is fresh and optimized for the unique shape of the space. Instead of a floating kitchen island, it sits right next to the wall, doubling as a partial room divider. And there’s nothing like metallic to liven up your interior. Opt for matte gold on the kitchen island.

Community Kitchens And Dining Spaces In Property Appraisal

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If your kitchen has a lot of cooking space and you want to try something different with the remaining space, fill it with a dining table instead of an island. Choose something with similar proportions, such as a long rustic dining table, to achieve a similar arrangement but with a new twist.

This impressive solid marble island with a bronze base anchors the entire kitchen. This space, designed by Arent & Pyke, is also proof that mixed metals work. The handles on the back drawers are gold and echo the bronze base, while the silver faucet accentuates the cooler tones of the marble background. Everything about the room says island, from the bright backlight to the slate gray hood with brass details.

Community Kitchens And Dining Spaces In Property Appraisal

Now this is how you light up a room. In this Parisian apartment designed by Studio Razavi, an extra-large, undulating pendant reveals everything in one fell swoop. This, along with the magenta carafe and multi-colored dishes above the cabinets behind them, bring to life the kitchen’s industrial elements, such as the stainless steel and concrete island.

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The pleated effect above the edge of the multicolored island in this Arent & Pyke kitchen gives it a fresh and cheerful feel, while maintaining the room’s understated style. The circular motif is repeated in the pendant light and pulls the cabinets as a unique custom handle, giving the room a lasting personality.

Community Kitchens And Dining Spaces In Property Appraisal

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Community Kitchens And Dining Spaces In Property Appraisal

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7 Signs Your Airbnb May Be Hacked Because of Plants That Will Make Your Allergies Worse The Best Colors to Increase Your Home’s Value Costco’s Viral Porch is the ultimate party hack. Your kitchen is one of the most used rooms in your home. It’s a social hub, sometimes it doubles as a home office, but mostly it’s where we store and cook food. Every minute of our busy day is precious, and preparing healthy and delicious meals takes time. A good kitchen design can help you get things done efficiently, while a poorly planned kitchen can be an unpleasant waste of time.

Our design team has put together a list of common kitchen design mistakes to avoid in preparation for the perfect kitchen renovation. We know you’ll find it helpful, because if there’s one room in your home that you need to get right, this is it!

Community Kitchens And Dining Spaces In Property Appraisal

Your new kitchen has a certain number of individual pieces; favorite colors, preferred kitchen design styles, and more. A lot will also depend on how you cook and what appliances you prefer. Other than that, there are certain things we all need: lots of storage space, lots of cooking space, good lighting and the ability to clean up afterwards.

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This list will help you avoid some of the most common kitchen design mistakes we see and correct for our clients. We focused mainly on the practical side, but we also touched on some decorative elements. How could we resist?!

Community Kitchens And Dining Spaces In Property Appraisal

The layout of your kitchen is important, especially making sure there is enough space between the three points: sink, stove and refrigerator. (This is also known as the work triangle.) Plus, there are a few tricks to arranging kitchen appliances to give you the space you need to work without bumping into anything.

For example, consider this common task: vegetables are rinsed at the sink, sliced, and then moved to the sink

Community Kitchens And Dining Spaces In Property Appraisal

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