Data Center Security Audits And Vulnerability Assessments

Data Center Security Audits And Vulnerability Assessments – Are you a diligent IT administrator with your hands glued to the system and your eyes fixed on the monitor? Are you constantly scanning the Internet for new threats and categorizing discovered vulnerabilities in a futile attempt to prevent your organization from falling victim to a cyberattack? Well, you may be biting off more than you can chew.

New vulnerabilities are identified every 90 minutes. But don’t panic; Has the solution. Vulnerability Manager Plus is an intelligent, comprehensive vulnerability assessment tool that saves time and effort by helping you:

Data Center Security Audits And Vulnerability Assessments

Data Center Security Audits And Vulnerability Assessments

Vulnerability Manager Plus is a complete vulnerability assessment tool that continuously scans your network for vulnerabilities, provides risk insights and helps you close the loop on vulnerability management instantly with direct console remediation.

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Avoid imminent dangers with Vulnerability Manager plus vulnerability assessment capabilities. Eliminate blind spots and control your assets

Data Center Security Audits And Vulnerability Assessments

Eliminating blind spots is key to effective vulnerability assessment. Once active on your network, Vulnerability Manager Plus automatically discovers all of your Active Directory domains and workgroup endpoints. Companies that grow often need not worry because new assets will be discovered as soon as they are added to the network. By leveraging endpoint agent technology, you can maintain control over your desktops, servers, laptops, virtual machines, web servers, databases, and workstations at all times. Whether your assets are in your local office, distributed in remote locations, located in a closed network like a demilitarized zone, or on the move, you can protect them all from a single console.

Detect all known and emerging vulnerabilities in all supported Windows operating systems and over 500 third-party applications, including content management systems, web servers, and database software. Expand your visibility beyond software vulnerabilities and keep an eye on misconfigurations, risky software, active ports, and more to ensure no threat slips under your radar.

Data Center Security Audits And Vulnerability Assessments

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There is a chance that you may not be able to take timely action when running manual or scheduled vulnerability scans. Every new endpoint or software introduced into your network introduces new vulnerabilities, leaving your IT exposed to curious hackers. To avoid dangers like this, you need to constantly monitor your endpoints to identify and resolve new vulnerabilities as they emerge. Because Vulnerability Manager Plus uses agent-based scanning, it scans your endpoints every 90 minutes for new vulnerabilities without disrupting network operations.

The main purpose of a vulnerability assessment is to make your data actionable. Therefore, in addition to enumerating vulnerabilities, the vulnerability assessment tool you plan to deploy should help answer the following questions:

Data Center Security Audits And Vulnerability Assessments

Attackers have a good idea of ​​what works and what doesn’t, so you need to learn as well. In addition to CVSS, Vulnerability Manager Plus clarifies risk factors such as exploit availability, vulnerability age, affected asset count, CVE impact type and patch availability to help triage exploitable and impactful vulnerabilities. What’s more, you can directly search for the CVE IDs you’re looking for or filter them to focus on high-impact vulnerabilities.

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Vulnerability Manager Plus also features a security news feed that is continuously updated with articles about the latest vulnerabilities that attackers are discussing, experimenting with, or using, along with current freely circulating exploits.

Data Center Security Audits And Vulnerability Assessments

To top it off, a dedicated zero-day view ensures instant visibility into actively exploited and publicly disclosed vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability information collected across multiple endpoints is consolidated into a web console for centralized management and represented with meaningful context in dashboard widgets, translating into reliable, timely results. These interactive dashboard widgets are customized to direct your attention to the most alarming areas of your network.

Data Center Security Audits And Vulnerability Assessments

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Don’t discount the importance of severity ratings; They are the universal standard for vulnerability risk assessment. The Vulnerability Severity Summary helps you track the number of vulnerabilities you need to resolve for each severity level, providing better visibility into how many critical vulnerabilities, such as easily exploitable remote code execution (RCE), elevation of privilege, and warmable vulnerabilities, remain . . Not addressed on your network.

One of the most critical aspects of a security vulnerability assessment is how effectively your vulnerability assessment tool keeps you informed about zero-day vulnerabilities. Zero-day vulnerabilities are the easiest targets for hackers because they are disclosed to the public or exploited before the vendor is able to release a patch to fix the flaw, so it is critical to ensure that they are not buried among the vulnerabilities. Trifles. Vulnerability Manager Plus, along with a zero-day count chart, gives you an isolated view of zero-day vulnerabilities on your network so you can immediately identify and remediate them or use an alternative mitigation measure while you wait for a vendor correction. See how you can mitigate zero-day vulnerabilities with Vulnerability Manager Plus.

Data Center Security Audits And Vulnerability Assessments

When it comes to vulnerabilities, the name of the game is time. The time between the release of vulnerability and the release of exploit code has decreased significantly in recent years. The longer you wait, the more you leave your network open to attack.

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Critical vulnerabilities can often be exploited automatically without any user interaction, so these flaws must be resolved immediately. Vulnerabilities categorized as critical are more difficult to exploit, but must nevertheless be fixed within 30 days. Any vulnerability that is considered less than critical or important must be fixed within 90 days.

Data Center Security Audits And Vulnerability Assessments

The Vulnerability Age Matrix provides a consolidated view of the age and severity of vulnerabilities, so you can focus your attention on vulnerabilities that need to be addressed before the deadline. You can choose to view the age of the vulnerability from the date it was published or from the date it was discovered on your network. You can also use the filter to only show vulnerabilities that have public exploits.

Think of vulnerabilities as holes in a ship. Individually, these gaps may not be a big problem, but eventually their combined effects can end your entire organization. A quick look at the vulnerability trend can give you an idea of ​​how well your vulnerability management efforts are paying off. Track the progress of your vulnerability assessment and stay on top of vulnerabilities. How safe would you feel if you could just bring the number of vulnerabilities closer to zero, if not?

Data Center Security Audits And Vulnerability Assessments

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Vulnerability Manager Plus automatically selects a list of vulnerabilities that are about to be exploited. The list takes into account several risk factors, such as how easy a vulnerability is to exploit, the severity, age and availability of a patch. This table helps you ensure that you haven’t neglected any essential elements in your vulnerability assessment process.

With built-in remediation functionality automatically correlating patches with corresponding vulnerabilities, you can deliver instant remediation directly to all affected machines. Not only can you decide when patching should start and end, but you can also customize every aspect of your patching process with flexible deployment policies. Affected target systems are automatically listed; Here you can add or remove targets as you wish. You can also test patch deployment to failed targets as many times as you want and choose to be notified about the status of the deployment at a frequency of your choosing.

Data Center Security Audits And Vulnerability Assessments

The integrated approach to vulnerability and patch management eliminates the need for multiple agents, the disparity in data transferred between different solutions, potential remediation delays, unnecessary silos, and false positives. Vulnerability Manager Plus also offers a separate patch management module to fully automate your regular patching schedules, allowing your IT team to spend more time assessing and prioritizing high-risk vulnerabilities.

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Vulnerability Manager Plus has a dedicated Detected CVE view that lists all CVEs affecting your network endpoint. All you need to do is select the desired CVEs and click Fix CVE to immediately create a patch deployment job on all affected machines.

Data Center Security Audits And Vulnerability Assessments

Clicking on a system takes you to a detailed view that groups the system’s vulnerabilities into three main categories:

Vulnerability Manager Plus is the only vulnerability assessment tool needed to address challenges that arise during the vulnerability management process. Below are four common scenarios IT administrators often face when managing vulnerabilities and how the vulnerability assessment tool helps them resolve them:

Data Center Security Audits And Vulnerability Assessments

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Vulnerabilities that pose unequal risks? Prioritize vulnerabilities by exploitability and impact and avoid them in any size environment, deploying the latest patches quickly.

Too many vulnerabilities to fix? With built-in patching, you can automate your regular patching schedules to keep your endpoints up-to-date with security updates and non-security patches, freeing up your IT team’s schedule so they can focus on what matters most.

Data Center Security Audits And Vulnerability Assessments

Vulnerability Manager Plus provides dedicated insight to quickly identify zero-day or publicly disclosed vulnerabilities and apply workarounds to mitigate the flaw before fixes arrive. It also keeps you informed about operating systems and applications that are or are about to become obsolete, meaning they will no longer be patched by the vendor.

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Create custom groups to isolate high-availability servers and exclude less critical vulnerabilities from them to avoid downtime. Use the patch denial feature to deny problematic patches for production machines until vendors submit a revised version of the patches.

Data Center Security Audits And Vulnerability Assessments

A vulnerability assessment is the process of identifying, quantifying and prioritizing security vulnerabilities that have emerged on the corporate network. The purpose of vulnerability assessment is

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