Director Of Innovation And Technology

Director Of Innovation And Technology – Matt Tracy Brings Decades of Highly Effective IT Experience to RangeWater as Managing Director of Innovation and New Technologies

Atlanta (September 20, 2022) – RangeWater Real Estate has hired Matt Tracy as Chief Innovation and Technology Manager, a new position that oversees the real estate company’s enterprise strategy as the company expands across the Sun Belt. And Mountain West, nearly 100,000 units under management.

Director Of Innovation And Technology

Director Of Innovation And Technology

In this role, Tracy will accelerate RangeWater’s comprehensive innovation strategy to further position the company as a multi-family leader in PropTech. He will also assist in advancing the RangeWater BI (Business Intelligence) platform and other business technologies to leverage its growing portfolio.

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Tracy’s technology enhancements will build on RangeWater’s first-approach experience for multi-family and built-to-rent communities. “Residents are not fully engaged with concrete, steel and glass,” notes Tracy. “Creating a digital space is how we interact with people. It is the future that brings together science, experience and technology to provide a consistent experience for the end user.

Director Of Innovation And Technology

Technology provides developers with unique opportunities to improve customer experience, increase operational efficiency and reduce risk while creating significant value for stakeholders.

Tracy added that in his experience, some construction companies and multi-family companies have been slow to implement new construction techniques and technologies. Organizations that rely on the future will be the next generation of experience, population and operations leaders. Next-generation real estate is focused on the resident experience, creating value for all stakeholders.

Director Of Innovation And Technology

Director Of Technology & Innovation

Tracy’s background includes over two decades of experience in real estate technology, construction and architecture, beginning with her first residential project at the age of 19. Tracy brings a unique and refreshing perspective to the multifamily space. He intends to use his new role at RangeWater to build on the existing creative culture, to visualize the future of buildings and experiences, and how new technologies will help drive those initiatives.

“RangeWater is excited to welcome Matt to our growing team as we continue to expand across the Sun Belt and Mountain West,” said President and CEO Steven Shores. “His knowledge and expertise ensures that our residents and our team have access to the best PropTech, which offers future protection for our community and raises the standard of our service.”

Director Of Innovation And Technology

Tracy likens the digital transformation in multifamily real estate to the automotive industry. “Customers buy new cars to take advantage of the latest technology,” says Tracy. “Features like Bluetooth, keyless start and adaptive driving control are not a luxury but a basic necessity in the cheapest cars. I believe we are seeing a similar change in the real estate industry. “The housing experience is constantly evolving and technology has made an important contribution to this.”

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He also looks at when local residents will be able to access all PropTech through a single interface, which he calls a “single screen” that combines all the technology needed for a “friction-free experience”.

Director Of Innovation And Technology

Tracy added, “Creativity is bigger than anyone. Success in this field is only possible with a culture of innovation where everyone participates.” How do you use technology and innovation to improve patients’ lives? Tell us about your role or organization.

SingHealth is Singapore’s largest public healthcare team with 30,000 staff across a network of acute hospitals, national specialist clinics and community hospitals.

Director Of Innovation And Technology

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As Team Leader for Innovation and Change at SingHealth, I work with colleagues across multidisciplinary teams, including physicians, nurses, health professionals and managers, associates and office and institutional innovation programs to drive change. Healthcare through strategic grouping. The project also supports grassroots-led innovation.

The innovation and transformation divisions I manage include the SingHealth Office for Innovation, the Singhealth Office of Medical Technology, the SingHealth Office for Service Transformation, and our upcoming SingHealth Duke-NUS Innovation Centre.

Director Of Innovation And Technology

I see technology as an important factor in innovation. Some of the most influential innovations are where we redesign our work processes, train our staff to prepare for new workflows and integrate them with new technologies that act as a powerhouse for good healthcare professionals. We are busy.

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For example, SingHealth’s Office for Exchange Services and SingHealth’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) program, supported by the National Medical Research Council and the Integrated Health Information System, have partnered with A*STAR to create a multilingual messaging bot called Doctor COVID by 2020.

Director Of Innovation And Technology

The bot assisted SingHealth in engaging and caring for thousands of migrant workers with Covid-19 at SingHealth-run community care facilities, such as Singapore EXPO, at the height of the outbreak last year.

Dr. Coward has opened news and important content in different languages ​​to make it easier for foreign workers to understand. There is also a self-report questionnaire to monitor the medical risk factors and mental well-being of foreign workers.

Director Of Innovation And Technology

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In 2021, Dr. COVID-19 will be further developed in collaboration with Singapore General Hospital to enable our nurses to monitor and communicate with high-risk Covid-19 patients who have been discharged from hospital for treatment.

The bot frees nurses from repeated calls to check a patient’s vital signs by sending automated reminders directly to the patient. In addition, it automatically notifies the nurse through the dashboard if the patient’s vital signs cross a certain level.

Director Of Innovation And Technology

The bot can also send multilingual videos and other messages to educate patients and monitor patient well-being. This is a great example of a new workflow developed by nurses, doctors and rework designers enabled by robust technology professionals, IT professionals and IT collaborators. Most importantly, the technology is tested in the field and improved with better feedback from patients and staff.

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In June 2021, we launched the SingHealth Duke-NUS Academic Medical Innovation Institute (AMII). AMII brings together innovative programs and innovation offices across SingHealth Duke-NUS Academic Medical Center to jointly plan our innovation strategy and better support our innovators.

Director Of Innovation And Technology

I co-chair AMII with my counterpart from Duke-NUS, and I am excited by the network of creative leaders leading the many exciting initiatives and priorities that are part of AMII.

One priority sector, for example, is looking at how we can drive meaningful adoption and successful scaling of innovation. We also co-founded SingHealth Duke-NUS for Impact Assessment, which assesses innovations for their impact and potential benefits, and advises on the financing and scaling of these innovations.

Director Of Innovation And Technology

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What many expected when Covid-19 hit was that innovation would dry up as healthcare professionals stopped seeing business as usual. But we see the opposite with SingHealth.

Over the past two years, we have experienced a 400 percent increase in the number of programs for internal innovation assistance and strong interest in innovation. Our innovation workshops, such as our online artificial intelligence workshop, are also seeing higher staff participation rates than before the pandemic.

Director Of Innovation And Technology

I’m always excited to find new technology and always want to hear about innovative projects. Of course that comes with work!

Enabling Innovation Through Technology

As a working mother, finding the right balance between the work I do and the people I want to help on the one hand and my duty to my beloved family on the other is always difficult. In 2022, the main priority is to work on this balance.

Director Of Innovation And Technology

Professor Ivy Ng, Group CEO of SingHealth, was one of my mentors. He is always generous in sharing personal experiences outside of work. His patience and vision motivate me.

I had the privilege of working with Lim Siong Guan when he was Permanent Secretary. His values ​​and wisdom moved me, and I took the lessons he taught me very seriously. My Christian faith is important to me and my anchor. Ultimately, my parents’ selflessness and love motivates me to do well every day.

Director Of Innovation And Technology

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One of the things we started two years ago under the SingHealth for Innovation office was the multidisciplinary innovation clinic. The clinic enables our innovators to receive expert advice and, most recently, access to seed funding.

I am always inspired during these clinical sessions because we see healthcare professionals at all levels, from junior nurses to senior neurologists or middle managers, to share their problems. Contact them and talk about how they deal with it. I feel energized by these sessions as they remind me why my team and I do the work we do to support innovation so we can address issues, improve patient outcomes and treat and ease the burden on staff. We are through innovation and technology.

Director Of Innovation And Technology

I always leave this episode inspired by the passion and energy of our creators and their desire to put patients at the center of what they do. Professor Lim Chwee Teck is the NUS Society Inaugural Professor (NUSS) in the Department of Biomedical Engineering and Founder, Director of the Singapore Health Technology Society, which is funded by the NRF.

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His research interests include human disease mechanisms, microfluidics and wearable technology for healthcare applications. He has authored more than 450 peer-reviewed publications and prepared more than 430 panel discussions / speeches / invitations. He is a Founding Fellow of the National Academy of the American International Union for Medical Sciences, Physics and Engineering.

Director Of Innovation And Technology

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