Environmental Impact Of Food Waste

Environmental Impact Of Food Waste – Recently, Professor Junguo Liu, head of the School of Environmental Science and Engineering at Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech), co-authored an article in Nature Food, an online journal that publishes high-profile food-related research in Nature, Applied. and social sciences. The title of the paper was “China’s food loss and waste increase environmental impact”.

In recent years, food loss and waste has become a global problem, attracting widespread attention from academia, government and the public. Food loss and waste are closely related to food security, food safety, nutrition and health, resources, environment, economy and society. They are considered key environmental issues for the sustainable development of the global food system. However, emerging economies in particular lack reliable and consistent data to monitor and evaluate food loss and waste reduction.

Environmental Impact Of Food Waste

Environmental Impact Of Food Waste

The study is based on large-scale field research conducted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) from 2013 to 2018 on food losses in supply chains, food waste in households and catering industries. It shows food loss and waste of major agricultural products along the farm-to-table chain in China.

What Is The Environmental Impact Of Food Waste? — A Greener Future

The result shows that 27% of food intended for human consumption (349 ± 4 Mt) is lost or wasted in the country every year. 45% of this is related to post-harvest processing and storage and 17% to consumption activities. The paper also shows that the land, water, carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus footprints associated with total food and waste are similar to the carbon footprint of a medium-sized country such as the UK.

Environmental Impact Of Food Waste

Figure 2. Land footprint, water footprint, carbon footprint, nitrogen footprint and phosphorus footprint of food waste in China

These results indicate that food loss and waste in China has a greater impact on resources and the environment. Reducing food waste at the point of consumption has a significant impact on the reduction of various ecological footprints.

Environmental Impact Of Food Waste

Environmental Impacts Of Food Loss And Waste: Land Degradation

This paper is a collaboration between researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), the University of Southern Denmark, the Ministry of Agriculture of the People’s Republic of China (MOA), Wuhan University, the University of Pennsylvania, and SUSTtech. .

It is worth mentioning here that Zhongguo Liu was one of the first scientists in China to focus on food waste and its impact on the environment. In 2013, he published a paper in Environmental Science and Technology (ES&T) as first corresponding author titled “Food loss and waste in China and its impact on water and land”. The results show that food waste and food loss have a major environmental impact on water and land resources. The food waste rate in China is 19% (+5%), which is much lower than the United States and European countries. Studies have found that the rate of food waste in Chinese canteens and households is only 5-7%, but the rate of food waste in restaurants is as high as 19%. This suggests that Chinese food culture and habits play a major role in influencing the level of food waste. American Wasteland: How America Throws Away Almost Half of Its Food (And What We Can Do About It)

Environmental Impact Of Food Waste

Waste: How America is losing 40 percent of its food from the farm to the landfill.

Visualizing Food Waste Prevention

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Environmental Impact Of Food Waste

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Environmental Impact Of Food Waste

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Environmental Impact Of Food Waste

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Provides a platform for the wide dissemination of academic work across major disciplines to undergraduate and graduate students worldwide.

Environmental Impact Of Food Waste

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Environmental Impact Of Food Waste

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Environmental Impact Of Food Waste

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Environmental Impact Of Food Waste

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Earth Day is coming up and now is the best time to stock up on the contents of your fridge and pantry because food waste has a negative impact on the environment. This includes everything from moldy fruit to soup that has expired. Unsold food, which is also thrown away from grocery stores and restaurants.

Environmental Impact Of Food Waste

Pdf] The Progressive Increase Of Food Waste In America And Its Environmental Impact

To make matters worse, this is a lot of – and certainly was – perfectly good food. Unfortunately, this problem occurs at all levels of the supply chain, from farms to distribution points, grocery stores, and our homes.

Not sure about the connection between food waste and the environment? The reality is that agriculture is a major driver of climate change, accounting for more than 20% of global greenhouse gas emissions in 2010 alone.

Environmental Impact Of Food Waste

According to a new study by the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK), scientists estimate that up to 14% of agriculture-related emissions could be avoided by 2050 if food use and distribution were better managed.

Ways To Reduce Food Waste

Despite food waste in the US, food insecurity is a widespread problem for 42 million Americans. Now you have no doubt what you can do to help. Fortunately, change is easier than you might think.

Environmental Impact Of Food Waste

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As part of this initiative – and to help us do our part as an organization – we’ve put together some guidelines and tips for leftover food when you’re ready to move. Our advice is to start with what’s in your pantry before you move—we’ve put together some delicious recipes to spark ideas and make pantry meals a breeze. Knowing that this isn’t always possible and that there are many people who could benefit from food items that you don’t think to take with you when you move, we share our insights on what food banks need most. Want to make sure your new home pantry is smartly stocked? We’ve provided a checklist to make shopping for staples at your new address easier, more efficient and more environmentally friendly.

Environmental Impact Of Food Waste

The Environmental Impact Of Food Waste

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