Pet Boarding Facilities For Sale

Pet Boarding Facilities For Sale – Dog Kennel Collection offers a variety of commercial kennels for sale, all handcrafted by our team of expert craftsmen in Lancaster, PA. Over the years we have designed a wide range of 24×60 outdoor kennels for 16 dogs for our customers. However, we also offer a wide range of customization options so you can create the perfect 24×60 prefab outdoor dog house for your furry friends. Here are more details on our 24×60 prefab dog houses below. To learn more about our other kennel sizes and prices, check out our blog, Kennel Prices Explained.

We are able to customize our 24×60 outdoor dog houses according to your wishes! Whether you’re creating a brand new floor plan for your 24×60 dog house or a metal roof, additional doors and windows in custom colors, we can help you make it just the way you want it. You can see the complete list of dog kennel features and options here.

Pet Boarding Facilities For Sale

Pet Boarding Facilities For Sale

Many of our commercial kennels have an optional hot water heater and sink. We will add a hose connection to wash the kennel to keep it clean.

Triple Gundog Kennel And Run

One of our most popular options for commercial kennels is the drain. This, combined with the glass panel on the wall, will help keep your kennel clean all year round.

Pet Boarding Facilities For Sale

There are many options that you can add to this commercial kennel, but each of them can help improve your dog’s life.

Cedar siding on your kennel can last up to 60 years with proper maintenance. With its weather resistance, you don’t have to worry about cedar wood swelling, warping, splitting, or decaying.

Pet Boarding Facilities For Sale

Dog Kennels For Sale Uk

Get the best in a maintenance-free kennel with moisture-resistant vinyl siding. With vinyl siding, your fence will avoid rot and mold for many years. This will require external cleaning.

LP Smart Siding is the preferred choice if you want the look of wood with virtually no maintenance. While others are changing their kennels, you will enjoy knowing your kennel is in good condition and your dogs are safe and comfortable.

Pet Boarding Facilities For Sale

Our metal tiles are available in several colors that will last for decades. For the dog house, you can choose a metal roof with vinyl or wood cladding. Metal siding should last up to 50 years or more.

X 12 Ft Five Bay Dog Kennel

We have designed different styles of 8×14 dog houses to suit as many needs and tastes as possible. However, we recommend that you customize your prefab outdoor shed to suit your needs.

Pet Boarding Facilities For Sale

Prices for a 24×60 outdoor dog house range from $10,000 to $15,000 and up, depending on building design, style, siding, accessories and more. The cheapest 8×14 outdoor dog houses are those in our “Traditional Houses” collection, while our “Elite Houses” collection is the most expensive.

We sell all of our 8×14 outdoor dog houses directly to our customers. We will build you a high quality 8×14 kennel to your specifications while keeping our prices to the end user as low as possible. Our 8×14 outdoor dog houses are sold in the United States. We sell outdoor dog houses nationwide except Hawaii and Alaska. You can contact us at 888-318-4404 or request a quote. You can see more about the design of our dog house in our catalog. We look forward to working with you!

Pet Boarding Facilities For Sale

Lynefoot Farm And Boarding Kennels

Dogs everywhere are clamoring for the “kennel collection” Request a catalog Find a dealer Approved dog enclosure Kennel doors must be strong and durable to hold even the largest dog, but also aesthetically pleasing to meet the high expectations of dog owners.

At Direct Animal, we strongly believe in bringing the best commercial kennel doors to luxury boarding houses, animal shelters and dog grooming centers at a reasonable price. Choose from our popular range of glass doors, mullion doors and guillotine doors – all made right here in the USA.

Pet Boarding Facilities For Sale

Whether you run a groomer, animal shelter or dog grooming facility, our heavy-duty dog ​​houses and kennel doors provide the best solution for even the largest and most active dogs. Our professional dog kennel doors are secure, stylish and designed to withstand the daily demands of your business.

For Sale: 4102 Lefeuvre Road, Abbotsford, British Columbia V4x1n8

Luxury kennels no longer have to choose between safety and good looks. Our beautiful commercial kennel doors feature ¼” clear tempered glass, meaning you can rest assured knowing they will hold up against even the biggest and most excitable dogs. The glass is mounted in 18 gauge 304 stainless steel tubing for maximum strength and durability. The entire kennel door frame is hand-welded and polished for fault-free, trouble-free operation and perfect alignment.

Pet Boarding Facilities For Sale

Utilizing limited space is nothing new for animal rescues, humane societies and police canine facilities. Our pet care experts know you need to use every square inch of space, so we’ve included a wall bracket that lets you attach this stylish kennel door to a door frame or side wall. Thanks to our unique design, you can open the door inwards or outwards, depending on the position of your furry companion. And thanks to our innovative engineers, you’ll never have to worry about tripping over the bottom rail again.

Choose between our standard glass doors or our extreme shed doors. They are available in standard and custom sizes.

Pet Boarding Facilities For Sale

Commercial Dog Kennels

If your veterinary practice, animal shelter or kennel needs superior functionality and accessibility, look no further than the Direct Animal kennel door. Our commercial dog doors provide superior performance throughout the life of the device. Our goal is to never send the same product to the same device twice due to a component failure, and our customers are more than happy with the results.

Choose from economical Direct Animal shed doors or extreme shed doors. Ours are 72” tall and have 3/16” vertical bars and cross braces for extra reinforcement.

Pet Boarding Facilities For Sale

Each style features 1 1/4″ 18-gauge, 304 stainless steel tubing designed to withstand the energetic antics of any breed of dog. Whether you’re boarding a fluffy Japanese Chin or a full-grown 160-pound Caucasian Shepherd, you’ll have complete confidence in the integrity of your commercial shed door.

Commercial 24×60 Dog Kennel

The Direct Animal guillotine kennel door is the ideal solution for dog daycare providers who manage multiple kennel routes. These sturdy designs are as wide as the back panel and slide on a stainless steel track that we guarantee will never rust or warp.

Pet Boarding Facilities For Sale

The high quality design of this professional dog kennel door means you can be sure that the dogs in your care will have safe and easy access to the adjacent kennel or outdoor area.

See our downloads for more details on our commercial dog doors, enclosed dog houses and accessories, including our handy swivel feed bowl. Our durable, economical kennel doors are proudly installed in many luxury boarding houses, police kennels, humane shelters and veterinary practices across North America. We specialize in making your kennel functional and attractive, regardless of the size of the kennel. search, we can adapt it to your needs. Keep all your furry friends safe and comfortable in your home!

Pet Boarding Facilities For Sale

Etna Creek Road, Etna Creek Qld 4702

Our kennels are a safe place for your favorite pets and are a great addition to your garden! Do you need a separate space for two dogs? The 12′ and 16′ long kennels can easily be split into two separate runs. Create your own oasis for your dog and rest assured that your pet is in a comfortable environment

Do you have more than two dogs that need a space all their own? Maybe you are an animal breeder or have a pet daycare and need an extra place to eat? Our commercial kennels can be adapted to your needs and can accommodate up to 20 dogs.

Pet Boarding Facilities For Sale

Dog kennel wear and tear will require your kennels to be well constructed. Lone StarStructures kennels are handcrafted using the same techniques a carpenter would use to build a house. We start with a strong base using pressure treated skids and pressure treated floor joists 16′′ on center. AdvanTech® moisture-resistant flooring is used on the interior floor of the kennel, and composite floors cover the exterior of the kennel. LP SmartSide® covers the stud walls and 30-year architectural shingles protect the roof. The wall and roof framing is also 16” on center.

Dog Kennel And Run And Animal Housing

Our kennels are built to last and provide your dogs with a safe, dry and secure place for many years to come.

Pet Boarding Facilities For Sale

Lone Star Structures is family owned and started building premium storage sheds over 25 years ago! The old-fashioned values ​​of honesty, integrity and a good work ethic are part of our tradition and we aim to honor Christ in our relationships with our neighbors and community. Our dedicated family and staff are ready to help make your dream backyard a reality. We are ready to help you! The dog kennels we build to order are made from high quality materials and carefully assembled by our skilled craftsmen. Each outdoor kennel is built on a durable pressure-treated wood substructure. Varnished wood paneling and a metal roof protect the exterior; the color combination is entirely up to you.

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