Property Appraisal For Green Buildings And Energy-efficient Real Estate

Property Appraisal For Green Buildings And Energy-efficient Real Estate – Impact of the European Union on the Competitiveness of the Agricultural Sector in the New Kingdom (EU-13) on the market within the EU.

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Property Appraisal For Green Buildings And Energy-efficient Real Estate

Property Appraisal For Green Buildings And Energy-efficient Real Estate

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Pdf) Methodology For Real Estate Appraisal Of Green Value

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Property Appraisal For Green Buildings And Energy-efficient Real Estate

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Property Appraisal For Green Buildings And Energy-efficient Real Estate

Build A Green Star Home

By Constantin C. Bungau Constantin C. Bungau Scilit Google Scholar 1, 2, Tudor Bungau Tudor Bungau Scilit Google Scholar 3, *, Ioana Francesca Prada Ioana Francesca Prada Scilit Google Scholar 2, * and Marcela Florina Prada Marcela Florina Prada Scilit Google Scholar 1

Department of Civil and Construction Engineering, Faculty of Construction, Cadastre and Architecture, University of Varadin, 410058 Varadin, Romania

Property Appraisal For Green Buildings And Energy-efficient Real Estate

Civil, Industrial and Agricultural Construction Research Program, Faculty of Constructions, Cadastre and Architecture, University of Varadin, 410058 Varadin, Romania

Factors Affecting Commercial Property Values

Received: 31 August 2022 / Rev.ed: 2 October 2022 / Accepted: 7 October 2022 / Published: 13 October 2022

Property Appraisal For Green Buildings And Energy-efficient Real Estate

Sustainable development includes many goals and development plans, and green buildings (GBs) in the implementation of this concept. The development of GB is a topic of increasing interest, because most of the development of natural infrastructure has the greatest environmental damage, which has also been confirmed by the study of scientific literature, and publications in the improvement of the field in recent times. Even though the use of the concept of GBs has many advantages, it is not widely accepted by the public because the technology is still to be improved, the return on investment is low, and the dissemination of information about this concept is limited. Therefore, the text provides a specific review of the specific GB approach in the context of sustainable development, explaining the concepts and principles used while integrating green products and the circular economy in a general scientific basis. In addition, a score is given to give the different types of buildings that have been described, evaluating many specific aspects. This document provides partners, from designers to residents, with a special insight into the concept of GB and its practical utility for future generations to develop this field, by disseminating scientific information based on a mechanistic-instrumental perspective.

Green building (GB); sustainable building (SB); zero energy building (ZEB); leather house (PH); sustainable development; energy consumption; materials; circular economy

Property Appraisal For Green Buildings And Energy-efficient Real Estate

The 9 Main Smart Building’s Benefits

In the accelerated development of society, especially in the economy, the lack of energy and the destruction of the environment present two major concerns of human beings today. Now, the construction industry has become the main energy source of the world and many energy resources such as wood, coal, etc., and is the main agent of environmental pollution in the whole world [1]. According to the United Nations Environment Program, the total energy used in buildings is responsible for approximately 30-40% of the world’s total energy consumption [2].

In the whole world, China has the highest energy consumption, but the consumption of the construction industry accounts for 38% of the total energy consumption. These data show a dire situation, which clearly demonstrates that the field is changing and that better construction is the next important step. The carbon production of the construction sector in 2020 reached 11.79 gigatons of carbon dioxide, representing 37% of all emissions worldwide. A total of 17% of them are caused by the use of carbon emissions in residential buildings [3]. Therefore, it is important to accelerate the implementation of development plans towards carbon neutrality as soon as possible, as the global climate continues to deteriorate. The basis of the analysis of past diseases and the prediction of future pollution is the basic development model based on city population and city size, industrial structure, carbon consumption, energy consumption, economic deficit and quantity. of goods in man[4]. In addition, the industry is challenged to identify a green, sustainable and sustainable solution for future development. There is therefore a need for a special study and method of development in the building industry, with the aim of renewing the current situation, which is characterized by levels of environmental degradation and high consumption of resources [5].

Property Appraisal For Green Buildings And Energy-efficient Real Estate

In 1987, the concept of sustainable development was first introduced by the Brundtland Commission (WCED, 1987); since then, this term has changed according to social and economic changes [6]. The emergence of this concept is based on the need to coordinate human development with the responsibility of managing resources as efficiently as possible. It was of great importance when the scientific world realized the limited nature of all resources. It was developed and became a tool in the ideas of development (social-economic results within ecological limits), needs (redistribution of resources to obtain a higher quality of life for all people), and subsequent generations (the possibility of long-term resource management to ensure the quality of life for future generations). The Triple Bottom Line theory, which aims to combine the three aspects of sustainability (environmental, social, economic) to establish the concept of sustainable development. Environmental sustainability aims to maintain a higher road quality. Sustainable economics aims to conserve natural resources to improve livelihoods. In addition, social development aims to emphasize the importance of equality and human rights [7]. But its meaning has been expanded and is used for different goals, subjects and different tasks. During the course of this period, various ideas emerged from the concept of sustainable development. It is generally agreed that the environment, economy and society are the main factors that contribute to sustainable development. However, while sustainable development remains uncertain and difficult to understand, there are many areas that are linked to it, including the construction of buildings (SB) (Lombardi, 1999, Ding, 2005) [8, 9].

How To Increase Your Home’s Value

The concept of sustainable development was discussed in 1992, at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, which was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil [10, 11], which was the first decision on the scope of international authority; accompanied by many world leaders and the cooperation of international societies and conventions in environmental protection was encouraged [12]. The conference led to a series of important developments in the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development, affirming the 27 principles for achieving sustainable development. Although there are many discussions and debates in the international environment, the concept of sustainable development remains complex, complex, ambiguous and difficult to understand in the specific context of environmental problems [8, 9].

Property Appraisal For Green Buildings And Energy-efficient Real Estate

Many economic and social concepts have changed as a result of the global financial crisis of 2007. Due to the complexity of the issues of sustainable development, the global economy and the various borders, it became clear that the traditional way of thinking and working was not working. it is so much impossible, but the environment, the population and the economy have been damaged. Thus, their members were converted into a new, more sustainable system [7]. Research continues on how to define what is the concept of sustainable development, the guidelines for designing a sustainable project, and the right building envelope for sustaining action. Therefore, it is important to evaluate the work of a sustainable project in the context of sustainable design. This research can be done by looking at the effects of a sustainable design envelope on the overall sustainability of buildings.

The concept of green building (GB) has grown as a research topic in recent years due to the increasing conflict between construction expansion and the destruction of the natural environment [13]. GBs includes the integrated management of the development of structures and the use of technologies that are aware of the environment and the benefits of the assets in the life cycle of the building, including locations, strategic planning, selection, development, maintenance, recovery and solution [14. ].

Property Appraisal For Green Buildings And Energy-efficient Real Estate

Why Build Green? See 6 Earth Friendly And Energy Saving Benefits

Previous studies have shown that GBs can have great results, such as promoting the reuse and recycling of materials, increasing energy efficiency, increasing the use of the environment, and fostering a sustainable earth.

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