“property Law And Real Estate Disclosures: As-is Sales, Property Conditions, And Material Defects”

“property Law And Real Estate Disclosures: As-is Sales, Property Conditions, And Material Defects” – Notice to Seller Page 1 of 7 HAWAII RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY DISCLOSURE GUIDELINES FOR SELLER Fill out the form below. Do not leave a space. If the question is clearly not related to the property, write “NA”. If the answer to any item requires clarification, explain it on the attached sheets, if necessary. NOTICE TO BUYER __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ THE FOLLOWING DISCLOSURE BY SELLERS REGARDING THE CONDITION OF THE PROPERTY LOCATED. (“Property”) or as described in the legally attached Appendix A. The disclosures contained in this form are sold by the Seller based on the Seller’s actual knowledge of the property at the time the Seller completes this Disclosure Form. THE FOLLOWING IS AN EXPRESS REPRESENTATION OF THE SELLERS AND IS NOT A REPRESENTATION OF OUR REAL ESTATE LICENSEE OR ANY PARTY. THIS INFORMATION IS FOR DISCLOSURE PURPOSES ONLY AND IS NOT INTENDED TO BE PART OF A WRITTEN AGREEMENT BETWEEN BUYER AND SELLER. WE ADVISE YOU TO GET AND PAY FOR A TRAINED PROFESSIONAL TO INSPECT YOUR PROPERTY TO VIEW THE EXACT CONDITION OF THIS PROPERTY. ELECTRICIANS, FURNISHERS, BUILDING INSPECTORS OR DAMAGE INSPECTORS.IVCE AND DRY ROT. THE BUYER AND THE OWNER MAY OBTAIN ANY ADVICE OR INSPECTION FOR ANY ADVICE, INSPECTION, DEFECTS OR PROPERTY INSPECTION AND IN ANY NEGOTIATION BETWEEN THE BUYER AND THE OWNER. The seller(s), ________________________________________________________________, [is] / [currently] not residing at the property. The seller has owned the property for ______ years. I. SELLER’S DISCLOSURE. If you need clarification, please use the attached sheet as needed. Estimated values ​​should be marked as such. REVISED CODE OF HAWAII, § 508D-15. NOTE TO SELLER: Each county provides maps of its jurisdiction detailing the four designated areas below. Tax Map Key (District, Plot, Plot) In the case of maps delineating the four areas described below, the seller must include such important facts in the disclosure statement. SELLER MUST CHECK DISTRICT ACCOUNTS WHEN FOLLOWING THE FOUR OPTIONS BELOW. Regardless of whether the above residential property is located in part or in whole: (circle YES or NO for each item) (a) Residential and urban within the boundaries of a special flood hazard area officially designated on flood insurance agency maps issued by the United States Department of Construction in order to determine compliance with emergency flood insurance programs; YES / NO (b) Within noise limits

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“property Law And Real Estate Disclosures: As-is Sales, Property Conditions, And Material Defects”

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Understanding Seller’s Disclosures In Real Estate Moneytips

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Principles Of Disclosure

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Seller Disclosure Requirements In South Carolina

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Change The Law: Apply Use Of The Agency Law Disclosure To All Property Transactions

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Lessor’s disclaimer of liability and refusal to assume all risks of personal injury in connection with the use of the pool located on the premises

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