Urban Agriculture And Innovative Production

Urban Agriculture And Innovative Production – Singapore, 14 August 2020 – To combat climate change and find new sustainable ways to increase global food supplies by 70% to feed nearly 9 billion people by 2050, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) partners with Microsoft Asia Pacific Introducing the April 2020 Microsoft Azure Virtual Hackathon. The Microsoft Hackathon, also in partnership with Grab, brought together about 1,200 people interested in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to solve real business challenges faced by Grab. Developers, manufacturers and entrepreneurs across Asia Pacific are using artificial intelligence powered by Microsoft Azure to create solutions to solve problems identified by Grab.

The theme of the hackathon was proposed by the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) and focuses on reducing the spread of pests and diseases in agriculture, especially on rural farms.

Urban Agriculture And Innovative Production

Urban Agriculture And Innovative Production

56 groups of builders submitted solutions to the challenge, and 14 groups were selected to create models. In line with Singapore’s “30 by 30” goal of meeting 30% of the country’s food needs by 2030, the slogan also builds on global innovation Cultiv@te, which enables 31 agritech startups to address identified agricultural challenges . 10 for field offices and SFA.

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The hackathon provides a timely opportunity for Singapore Global Center to explore other technologies that can transform the agricultural landscape and how Microsoft Azure artificial intelligence can be leveraged to facilitate digital agriculture.

Urban Agriculture And Innovative Production

“Technology innovation and transfer are the driving forces of permaculture. Through hackathons like this, we hope to drive rapid and innovative innovation to help improve sustainable agriculture around the world, especially in countries in the southern hemisphere,” Singapore Global Technology, said Bradley Busetto, Director of the Center for Innovation and Sustainability.

Ricky Kapur, Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Operations at Microsoft Asia Pacific, further emphasized the importance of such hackathons in addressing global business challenges and industry transformation.

Urban Agriculture And Innovative Production

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“Precision agriculture has a significant impact on per capita incomes and economies in Asia Pacific, and I’m proud to see how these teams are embracing artificial intelligence and innovation to shift the industry conversation from ‘transformation’ to ‘transformation.’ These solutions bring farmers value and contribute to the economy as a whole, so I’m excited to work on ways to improve the world’s food supply,” he said. “Platforms like the Microsoft Azure Virtual Hackathon are a great opportunity for passionate, committed people to solve problems we face around the world. Food is one of the most important things and how we deal with the entire environment Urgency is critical to our sustainability.”

The winner of the virtual hackathon was selected and announced on August 6, 2020. AgroVision, a five-student team from the National University of Singapore, was announced as the winner of the challenge. Their solution is an integrated farm health management tool that leverages machine learning and IoT to improve crop yield and quality on urban farms in crowded cities.

Urban Agriculture And Innovative Production

AgroVision tools enable farmers and policymakers to make better data-driven decisions. The platform can detect weeds early and assess crops for problems. The algorithm collects data on plants and their environment and provides information to farmers. This means they can better deal with pests and diseases.

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AgroVision received a $3,000 grant from Microsoft and will now work with global centers under the Cultiv@te program and SFA to explore how the solution can be used on rural farms in Singapore.

Urban Agriculture And Innovative Production

The virtual hackathon is the first of many collaborations between Microsoft and global centers. With the tools, technology and expertise Microsoft can offer to drive the digital transformation of agriculture, as well as global development expertise working with farmers on the ground, this partnership is accelerating the development of future-changing technologies. Sustainable urban agriculture and industrialization.

The Global Center for Technology, Innovation and Sustainability is a partnership between the Government of Singapore and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) to identify and co-create technology and digital solutions for sustainability, particularly in the smart cities sector. , sustainable and digital agriculture, and sustainable investing.

Urban Agriculture And Innovative Production

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Microsoft (Nasdaq “MSFT” @microsoft) is enabling digital transformation in the era of smart cloud and smart edge. His mission is to help every person and every organization in the world achieve more.

Publications Global Center (Singapore) Summary Report: 2018 – 2022 In its first four years of operation from 2018 to 2022, the Global Center for Technology, Innovation and Sustainability has witnessed unprecedented… Read More A growing movement in town. The COVID-19 pandemic has fueled the movement; as of March 2020, more than 20 million Americans had planted their first vegetable garden.

Urban Agriculture And Innovative Production

Urban farms can range from large vertical farms to public gardens to green roofs and can be located in backyards, vacant lots or multi-story buildings. Their benefits are diverse and include: improving access to nutritious food, promoting social cohesion, providing educational opportunities and maintaining urban health. These additional local sources of nutritious food can help desert communities thrive in areas where nutritious food is scarce.

The Rise Of Urban Farming: Sustainable Agriculture In Cities.

Policymakers in Washington, D.C., have recognized these benefits, as well as the challenges rural farmers face in finding easily accessible supports and services for rural farmers. The 2018 Farm Bill (P.L.115-334) provides significant funding for urban agriculture, establishing the Office of Urban Agriculture and Innovative Production within the Natural Resources Conservation Service. Department of Agriculture (USDA). The office administers two competing programs: the Urban Agriculture and Innovative Production Grant (UAIP) and the Community Composting and Food Waste Reduction Collaborative Agreement (CCER).

Urban Agriculture And Innovative Production

Since 2020, UAIP grants have funded 31 urban farms across the country. In 2021, USDA provided $4.75 million through UAIP, an increase of nearly $1 million from the first round of funding in 2020.

CCER’s cooperative agreement is designed to help local governments develop or implement composting and waste reduction strategies. Successful programs must provide 25 percent of federal award funds. To date, funding has been provided to 37 projects, with $1.92 million in funding provided in 2021, up from $1.09 million in 2020.

Urban Agriculture And Innovative Production

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The 2018 Farm Bill also directs USDA to create two new committees that help expand participation in these and other programs and inform critical urban agriculture decisions.

In 2021, 11 cities formed Urban and Suburban County Councils (FSAs) to facilitate communication between urban farmers and government programs. Such committees have existed in rural areas since the 1930s, in some 2,500 districts where the FSA has offices.

Urban Agriculture And Innovative Production

According to the USDA website, committee members elected by rural farmers “will provide opportunities to ensure urban producers understand USDA’s programs and serve as advocates for other urban producers and help implement programs that meet the needs of a growing urban population.” Plan.”

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In February 2022, the Department of Agriculture announced the creation of a federal Urban Agriculture Advisory Council that will “provide input into policy development and […] help identify barriers to urban agriculture.” Council members come from different regions and regions across the country. They will hold regular public meetings to solicit input and present it to USDA leadership.

Urban Agriculture And Innovative Production

By 2050, 90% of the U.S. population is expected to live in cities. Urban farming can connect communities to local food while providing a range of other economic, social and environmental benefits. The 2018 Farm Bill marks a positive shift in federal action and support for rural agriculture, and new federal programs in the bill have shown promise in expanding opportunities for urban farmers across the country.

We’ll deliver the latest in environmental law and climate change solutions straight to your inbox every two weeks! It is estimated that by 2050, 80% of food will be consumed in cities, so cities of the future will be the largest contributors. Making and eating food. But how cities address food needs remains unclear.

Urban Agriculture And Innovative Production

Lim Chu Kang Urban Agriculture District

How is the situation in Singapore? It is highly dependent on global food supplies. More than 90% of its fresh products are exported. It needs to have enough food.

We’ve gathered the best ideas from agriculture, industry and the built environment to discuss Singapore at our Discover event. These events are part of a series led by our visioning and innovation team to understand an emerging topic and find out what it means for our clients and our work.

Urban Agriculture And Innovative Production

This is discussed in the context of Singapore’s “30 x 30” target to increase local food consumption from 10% to 30% of its nutritional needs.

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